Map Gallery

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to constraints of the web hosting service, the map images shown here are relatively low-resolution jpgs and are not interactive.  After clicking once to select a map, you can type CTRL+/- to zoom in or out and use the arrow keys to scroll over the image.

Professional Mapping Projects

GIS and Geology Coursework

I created most of these for Sweetwater Authority during my internship there from 2006 to 2010. All data contained therein are property of Sweetwater Authority, except for base layers provided by SANDAG. Maps displayed by permission. The map of San Diego County Watersheds was part of a project I did in a Geology class at San Diego State University, in Fall 2010. All data provided by SANDAG or SanGIS. The two maps of the Zoo were part of my second-semester GIS project at Mesa College in 2006.